Tall Timbers Homeowners Association is a Planned Unit Development consisting of 406 town homes and condominiums.  The Association maintains the entrances and common areas located throughout the community. We are a self-managed community governed by a five member volunteer Board of Directors.

PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY- For your own safety and the safety of others, please observe the 15 mph speed limit and don’t forget the STOP signs.

Monthly Assessments- Assessments fees of $130.00 are due the first (1st) of each month. Late fees are calculated at a flat rate of $15.00 after the fifteenth (15th) of the month.

Board of Directors- The Board of Directors generally meets on the third Wednesday of each month unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. Meetings are held at the Clubhouse and all are welcome to attend. Announcements of meetings and other events are posted on the dumpster enclosures and announced in the monthly newsletter.

Trash Collection- Your regular trash pickup day is on Monday. Recycling is every Thursday. We are not permitted to put televisions, computers and computer parts, construction materials, carpeting and other such items in the dumpsters or enclosures. Please read the Rules and Regulations pertaining to disposal of large items. All cardboard must be broken down and placed in the recycling containers.

Pets- Tall Timbers is a one- pet community. Per your Rules and Regulations it clearly states all pets must be kept on a leash with a maximum length of (6`) feet when outside the home. Little Egg Harbor also has a leash law. Pet owners are also reminded to clean up after their pets. No pet enclosures shall be erected, placed or permitted on any portion of the lots, homes or common property. Pets are not to be staked.

Parking- Each unit owner in Section I is assigned two (2) parking spaces. Unit Owners in Section II have driveways and additional parking at the front of their units, but it is not assigned parking. Condo owners are assigned one parking space. Unmarked spaces are for visitors and it is expected that all residents will be considerate of their neighbors. There is also additional parking at the clubhouse.

Prohibited vehicles -include abandoned or disabled vehicle, stored vehicles, boats, boat trailers, campers, trailers of any kind, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, panel or box trucks , motorized scooters, ATV’etc. Vehicles with commercial writing on their exteriors are not permitted, except during normal business hours

Antennas- Exterior Television and Radio Antennas are prohibited and shall not be placed upon any portion of the living units or common grounds. All dish installations must have prior approval from the Board of Directors.

Pool- Pool badges are issued each year to members in good standing or their approved tenants. The pool rules will provide more detailed information.