The Association

Tall Timbers Homeowners Association

The purpose of a Community Association is to provide for the community business and governance aspect of the association. This is achieved by administering, maintaining, and enhancing a residential real estate development, and through the establishment of a system of property rights, binding covenants and restrictions, and rules and regulations.

The Tall Timbers community is governed by the Tall Timbers Homeowners Association who is charged with oversight of the community. The Association is guided by a framework of governance that includes the Declaration of Restrictive and Protective Covenants, By Laws and Rules and Regulations. The association must adhere to any federal, state or local statutes. These laws add another layer of governance that we must adhere to in conducting association business.

The 5-member elected volunteer Board of Directors is commissioned to make decisions in the best interest of the community to preserve the character of the community and protect the value of each living unit.

President: The president will preside over each meeting and sign all documents. The President may attend any and all meetings of the Association.

1st Vice President: The Vice President shall take the place of the President and perform those duties whenever the President is absent or unable to act. (Serves as a liaison to the Recreation Committee.) 2nd Vice President: Shall take the place of the President or Vice President when it is deemed necessary. (Serves as liaison to the Building and Grounds Committee.)

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board and perform all duties as deemed necessary to the office of Secretary including signing documents of the Association.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have the responsibility for the Association funds and securities and shall be responsible for keeping accurate accounts as deemed necessary. The Treasurer will also ensure the Annual Audit is completed and serves as liaison to the Finance Committee.

Board members are elected to office for a two-year term.